From finding the suitable exhibition for your need, to the return of your advertising material back to Greece, we are there for you in each step of the way.


find the right exhibition

Locate the suitable space

Stand design

Day-to-Day Exhibition “paperwork” handling

Transportation of Exhibits

Exhibit and Stand Delivery On-Site


Promo Solution Staff Support

Special Cooking and Tasting Events


Attendance Verifications

Follow up and Future Actions



Find the right exhibition

We at Promo Solution, firmly believe that the participation of a company in an exhibition is an investment of both company budget and company time. We believe that the selection of the right exhibition should be considered carefully and should be part of a bigger plan with a specific goal in mind. By going through our carefully selected yearly exhibition program and with the guidance of our experienced personnel we strongly believe that we will find the suitable exhibition for your needs.

Locate the suitable space

Not all exhibition spaces are alike. One of the major components of a successful participation in a Show is the selection of the place your company will “set up shop”. There are lots of variables to consider. Stand size, proximity to the main aisles, “neighborhood of companies with similar products” and many more. Promo Solution, over the many years of being a reliable partner of the biggest Exhibition organizers in the world, can find spaces tailored to the needs of your company.

Stand Design

The design of the stand should be a carefully planned process and the end-product of your company’s exhibition marketing strategy. Our inhouse interior designers can assist you in your pursuit of your exhibition goals with the latest stand design ideas and the use of contemporary materials. They will also guide you with their experience on product placement, corporate identity promotion and the best possible advice on the brand promotion within the limits of your stand.

Day-to-Day Exhibition “paperwork” handling

Our experienced personnel will handle the daily “paperwork” needed to ensure the successful participation on a show. You export department/export manager will have the time to focus on what really matters without taking having to handle every little detail in relation to the upcoming event.

Matchmaking & B2B Contacts

What makes our company stand out is the added value we give to each one of our clients’ participation in an international exhibition. That occurs through specific tools and services like the matchmaking service and preplanned B2B contacts between buyer and sellers. The specific service is provided free for our clients and it only occurs for very specific international exhibitions.

Transportation and Delivery of Exhibits On Site

The transportation of your goods in the show is one of our most important services we offer our clients. Our experienced and trusted network of colleagues makes sure your products arrive safely and in time on site and right by your stand, always with the supervision of our personnel. With more than two decades of experience and cooperation with major exhibition centers and forwarders we offer reliability, safety and simplicity in the entire process.

Supervision of Construction and Stand Delivery

Our interior designers and experienced personnel follow the design and build process from Day 1 to the last day. We make sure the architect who designed your stand is on site acting as a supervisor to our team of builders, making sure that the end result is in Promo Solution standards;  impeccable and delivered on the requested time.
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