Sweets&Snacks Expo

Sweets&Snacks Expo is the biggest trade fair in U.S.A. in Confectionary & Snacks sector.

The next Sweets & Snacks exhibition will take place at Indiana on 14-16 May 2024. it is a landmark for thousands of producers, constructors, suppliers and retailers from all over the world as they renew their annually appointment.

The 26th  edition, ensures its successful  route and welcomes the introduction of specialty markets and innovations in this sector. While eating&social habits and needs are evolving so as the Sweets& Snacks expo does.

The “specialty markets” category has been created especially for those who relish to meet or display new products, to learn the up-to-date products, and get informed about the domaining trends. In other words, “specialty markets” are for those who want to attract a more specialized clientele.

It is a fact that the market share in the sweets and snacks industry is getting bigger and the opportunities are numerous for everyone.

The interaction with markets out of Europe gives you access to an enlarged professional network where you can have find your potential partners. Sweets&Snacks will also helps you build a world-class experience for your business.


  • 800 international exhibitors
  • 250 new exhibitor
  • 16.000 visitors from all over the world
  • 210.000 sq.feet total exhibitor space
  • 95% visitors’ satisfaction


  • Chocolate and chocolate products
  • Candies and sugary products
  • Biscuits
  • Snack and nuts
  • Trend Snacks
  • Natural Snacks
  • Breakfast products
  • Ice-cream and frozen desserts
  • Other confectionary (sweets for diabetic, confectionery materials, jams, honey, nut pastes, nuts and crackers, cereal bars, etc.)



Snacks | Bread & Bakery | Confectionery | Organic Products | Sweets

Chocolate products | Baked Goods | Bakery | Biscuits | biscuits and pastry | Bread | Breads and Cereals | Breakfast Snacks | Cakes | Cereal | Chocolate | Confectionery | Confectionery products | deep-frozen sweets | Desserts | Dough Products | dried fruit | Free From Products | Honey | Ice-cream | Jams | Organic | Organic sweets & snacks | Pastry & cake | Snacks | Sugar confectionery | Sweets | Sweets & Confectionery





Exhibition Space

Indianapolis Convention Center


Indianapolis, Indiana

10 reasons to participate in the exhibition



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