The International Exhibition HO.RE.CA. has established as the leading international exhibition in the hospitality and food service sectors. It is organized every year and gathers: professionals from the sectors of tourism, hotel supply chain and food suppliers.

All operators are in contact with the entire supply chain (foodservice, coffee and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food and snacks), leading companies with hotel and restaurant equipment, technology solutions and online services, as well as companies specializing in manufacturing, renovation and energy saving.

The next HO.RE.CA. will be held on February 9-12, 2024 at the METROPOLITAN EXPO.
The International Exhibition HO.RE.CA. brings together all the great forces of the Hospitality & Catering sector.Over the years, it has managed to change the data for Hotels and Mass Catering and to create new paths for the modernization of the Greek tourist product.

HO.RE.CA. is the largest commercial platform and the most important center of investment activities for the Tourism industry of Greece. It is the largest exhibition event in Greece, sealing its catalytic role in the modern business of Greek Hospitality and Catering.

Areas of exposure HO.RE.CA.

  • Coffee & Beverages
  • Food service/ Meat products
  • Mechanical Kitchen/ catering equipment
  • Hotel equipment/ Furniture
  • IT WEB Marketing
  • Hardware/ Consumables

Visitors of H.O.RE.CA.

Visitors to the exhibition mainly come from the following categories:

  • Hotels
  • Rooms for Rent – Hostels
  • Hotel F&B Managers
  • Coffee shops
  • Bar
  • Executive Chef – Cooks
  • Agritourism businesses
  • Wholesale of Food
  • Food Chains
  • Catering companies
  • Cafeteria Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Steakhouses
  • Taverns – Ouzeri
  • Refreshments – Snack Cafe
  • Places of entertainment – Entertainment
  • Canteens of closed markets
  • Fast Food – Pizzerias
  • Pastries
  • Confectionery laboratories
  • Crafts – Pastry & Ice Cream Industries
  • Architects – Decorators
  • Construction companies
  • Machinery Trade
  • Equipment Trade
  • Organized Retail
  • Ship & Aircraft Supplies
  • Hosted Foreign Buyers

HO.RE.CA Statistics.

100,000 visitors from 40,000 businesses attended the 15th HORECA, confirming that it is the most commercial platform for Hotels and Catering in Greece.

For four consecutive days, HORECA 2020 was a lively trade forum, where the 550 exhibitors had the opportunity to make contacts with their potential customers.
The enormous dynamics and impact that the exhibition has on these two key sectors of the Greek economy, as well as its contribution to their development, is confirmed by the fact that of the total number of visitors, 13,134 were hotel executives and 21,683 were executives from mass catering businesses and of coffee making.

(https://horecaexpo.gr/terastia-epitychia-episkeptiki-kai-emporiki-gia-tin-horeca-2022/ )

Actions that stood out

HORECA’s parallel events are an integral part and just as important as the exhibition part.

Business Lab with workshops, case studies and panel discussions on digital marketing and management.
The pan-Hellenic coffee competitions at the Coffee Events stage and cocktails at the Beer & Spirits show
Gastronomy Forum with the theme of sustainable gastronomy and the sustainability of dishes.Categories of stores preferred by Consumers for Grocery shopping & their market shares:

  • Supermarkets, Grocers, 66%
  • Large markets, hypermarkets, 52%
  • Convenience stores, 26%
  • Local stores, 18%
  • Specialized stores, 18%


Countries with more Greek exports:

Italy, Germany, United Kingdom

Countries with more imports:

Germany, Holland, France

(Nielsen Global Survey)


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