The International exhibition FRUIT LOGISTICA is established as the exhibition on Fresh products with the highest quality. The next  appointment is on February 7 -9, 2024.

FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every sector of the fruit& grocery industry  and provides a complete range of all the latest innovations, products and services in every part of the supply chain. It also offers excellent networking and contact opportunities with key-decision makers in every industry sector.

Exhibitors from 87 countries and trade visitors attend FRUIT LOGISTICA every year to exhibit their products ,start new partnerships ,explore International markets,  inspire Food industry,– and write their own success story!

Berlin turns into the center of the fruit industry for three days. FRUIT LOFISTICA aims to create a platform where all attendants will exchange their knowledge, share their products & secrets and  gather data on market needs and preferences.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the leading trade show in the fresh fruit industry, with the most direct access to the global market.

Innovations are emerging at a rapid pace in all areas of the fresh fruit industry – whether in seed, fruit and vegetable development or in packaging and automation. FRUIT LOGISTICA covers the entire spectrum of the value chain – from its first stage to the final one, the Consumer.

Product categories at FRUIT LOGISTICA:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts, dried fruits
  • Fresh convenience products
  • Fresh herbs, sprouts, spices
  • Flowers, plants
  • Organic products
  • Fair trade products
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables


  • 40,000 quality buyers and trade visitors from 130 countries
  • + 2,000 exhibitors, from 87

Over 40% have made successful business deals during the trade show. More than 4 out of 5 exhibitors also expect fair to very good business after the show. More than 80% of exhibitors are already planning to take part in FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023.

More than 30% have already made business deals during the trade fair, while 80% made new business contacts.

Number of stores in Germany / grocery shopping

  • 2023 hypermarkets
  • 3170 supermarkets
  • 913 Discounters

Where do Consumers shop ? and their market shares?

  • Supermarket stores, 54%
  • Hypermarkets, 28%
  • Warehouse Club Stores, 5%
  • Local shops , 5%


Market Trends (2016-2019)

Germany’s restaurants are:

9.5%, Chains

90.55%, Independent businesses

  • Up 12.9%, Food Service market revenue $46 billion
  • Decrease by -0.6% in restaurants, i.e. 196,728
  • Up +1.7%, $10.85 : out-of-home expenses
  • Up +11% 4.8 Bn ready meals

Dietary Consumer changes

  • 57% healthier food
  • 56% local food
  • 36% high interest in ingredients
  • 44% high interest in their environmental impact

Consumer Trends

  • 68% food made locally
  • 60%, natural products, without artificial colors and preservatives
  • 52% choose organic foods, when given
  • 63% recyclable packaging
  • 42% Fair-Trade foods
  • Meat consumption:

38% feel guilty after eating meat

52% have ethical and environmental concerns

40% Cut down/stopped meat consumption

Purchasing Factors:

  • Pleasure, 43. 6%
  • Health, 32.8%
  • Nature of the product, 8.7%
  • Convenience, 8.00%
  • Ethics, 7.00%




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