The International Exhibition Sial Paris is held every two years at Paris Nord Villepin exhibition center in Paris, France. It is one of the largest and most important exhibitions on the Food and Beverage industry in the world .It is also an important meeting-point for the biggest manufacturing companies in Foods&Drinks, as well as for representatives from the largest retail and import chains in the world. For more than 50 years, this exhibition- thanks to the know-how of its executives and the “refinement” that possesses- has helped evolution  of Food&Drink industry.

The first event was held as part of the International Food Week in 1964, bringing together food experts from 26 countries. Its current form finds the fair attracting exhibitors and visitors from more than 200 countries to an event of enormous dimensions. Every 2 years , producers, processors, importers, buyers and retailers from all the world  are gathering  at this five-day celebration of food and drink sharing knowledge shaping the future of the industry.

The 2018 edition of Sial Paris attracted 160,000 trade visitors, of which 73% came from France. The 20 several exhibition areas presented at the Sial International Exhibition are attraction-pole not only for visitors but also for the exhibitors themselves, who benefit from seeing the present and future of the industry, all  gathered under the same roof. Innovations and the latest trends in the Food and Beverage sector are presented through the parallel events La Cuisine and Sial Innovation, actions that add value to an already worthy and established mega exhibition event.

Any company that wishes to start its export activity or expand the existing one, must participate in Sial Paris!

In the context of informing all those interested in participating in the Sial Paris Exhibition, we have gathered some information that we think may help your preparation. They concern data for French consumers but also data for the largest consumer goods market chains in France.


Where do Consumers Shop:

  • 51% of consumers prefer to shop in hypermarkets,
  • 8% in supermarkets and
  • the remaining percentage is shared between the local or discount stores as well as the hypermarkets/supermarkets , that offer automatic pick-up areas for products ordered via the internet at a rate of 4.5%.

Consumer Preferences:

  • Trend towards healthy and local products
  • Preference to branded labels compared to their private label, when there is no price difference

(Source: O.E.Y. Office THE CONSUMER HABITS OF THE FRENCH: Developments and quality characteristics in the consumer products market in France)

France has approximately 2,300 Hypermarkets, 6,200 Supermarkets and 3,800 Discount shops (source: Nielsen TradeDimensions)

Market share of Hyper Market in France (up to April 2021)

  • 22.1% E. Leclerc Group
  • 20.0% Carrefour Group
  • 15.8% Les Mousquetaires Group
  • 11.2% Systeme U Group
  • 9.5% Auchan Group

Important information :

Until 2017, the Carrefour Group had the largest share of the retail market of agri-food products. In the same year, E. Leclerc’s Group surpassed them, but Carrefour remained the most valuable French food brand.

Supermarkets that have automatic pick-up areas for products ordered online (such as E. Leclerc Drive) have a significant market share, while France is the second country in the world with the most  numerous online sales of consumer goods worldwide.

(Source: Kantar Worldpanel research – Household grocery purchasing habits of 20,000 demographically representative households in France for their consumption at home. Survey time period December 2017 to April 2021)

In terms of the number of different stores/markets that French consumers visit to obtain the products of their desire, the average is 2.8 markets.

(Source: O.E.Y. Office THE CONSUMER HABITS OF THE FRENCH: Developments and quality characteristics in the consumer products market in France)

The participation on  Sial Paris Exhibition, is definitely an opportunity to explore everything about  your product category  as they are all gathered in one specific area .It also gives you the privilege to visit big hypermarket/ supermarket chains (like the aforementioned) and shape an opinion on the French market.

Promo Solution organizes the participation of Greek companies in the SIAL Paris Exhibition since 1999.


7.200 από 119 χώρες (87% διεθνείς)


160.000 (73% διεθνείς)

Exhibition Space

250.000 τετραγωνικά μέτρα


Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, Παρίσι

10 reasons to participate in the exhibition



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