Stand Design and Construction of the company MARINE PLUS S.A. for the International Exhibition POSIDONIA 2018.

Stand Design Logic

The exhibition stand of the company Marine plus was designed and built for the International Exhibition Posidonia 2018, in Athens. Guided by the needs of the customer and always maintaining an inextricable relationship with the trends of the modern market, we designed a modern pavilion with futuristic touches and modern materials. Smooth surfaces, hidden lighting, wood and glass are some of the materials used.  Evidence suggesting the company’s dynamics in the shipping industry.

The pavilion is closed around the perimeter, but creating large oblique dynamic openings with hidden lighting, it still seems welcome to the visitors of the exhibition. In this way, we created, at the same time, spaces for large graphics, for three-dimensional logos, for verbal messages and hidden blue lighting that pass the message directly to the visitor.

Internally, we emphasized on a large bar, fully equipped – where we wanted it to be the main part of the space and the rest of the elements to move around. A special meeting area was created with sofas, space for short meetings tables and a storage room, while at the same time the points where we would place two company machines that needed to be exhibited, at key points, were studied.  For visual communication, graphics, cutting letters, TV and floor graphic were used, in such a way that it blended with the style of the pavilion.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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