Stand Design and Construction of the company CRETA FARMS S.A. at International Food and Drinks Exhibition FOOD EXPO 2019, held at Athens, Greece.

Stand Design Logic

Creta Farms, once again, entrusted us with the design and implementation of their exhibition stand for the Food Expo 2019 exhibition in Athens. The location of the pavilion in the hall led us to a modern and impressive design, but at the same time open in terms of the attendance of the public inside it.
Our main concern was to have a storage room, a semi-enclosed fully equipped kitchen (lantern, oven, refrigerators, freezers and workbenches), as well as an open kitchen with a large breakfast bar and refrigerators – showcases to offer meals throughout the exhibition. All these spaces were placed at the back of the pavilion, in order to leave the rest of the space free for the hospitality of the visitors of the exhibition. In the center of the pavilion was placed a large real olive tree, a key element of the pavilion and the message that CretaFarms wants to convey.

From the roof of the exhibition center we hung a construction of metal trasses from which we achieved the appropriate lighting of the space. At the same time, taking advantage of these, we hung a bright double-sided inscription, which covered the entire perimeter of the space. Our goal was to emphasize the dynamics and dominance of the company in the field of food.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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