Participation Organization, Stand Design and Construction of the Greek Collective Stand at the International Exhibition for Private Label Products PLMA 2019 held at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Stand Design Logic

For the collective pavilion of companies that was built for PLMA Amsterdam 2019 in the Netherlands, which has the characteristic that it lasts only two days, a special study had to be done in its design based on the variety of companies in terms of product categories, but also the duration of the event. Thus, preference was given to simple and modern lines, but also free spaces for graphics.

At the same time, we took advantage of the height of the “central warehouse” to emphasize the Greekness of the products through the central phase and to properly illuminate the entire pavilion.

The pavilions we created had as their central character the “clean” spaces in terms of functionality but also the perimeter walls of each pavilion that remained empty to accommodate graphics of each company, as it is deemed necessary in exhibitions of such a short duration.

Each kiosk had its own counter, glass showcase or refrigerator and set with tables and chairs, while in some of them, in further consultation with the customer, some special constructions were made to fully meet the needs of each company. The logo of the companies as to the corridors of the exhibition was also emphasized through the round inscriptions on the side partitions of the pavilions. Finally, we defined a space, which we managed, from which we offered our services – either in terms of technical support or administrative support – for all our customers.


3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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