Participation Organization, Stand Design and Construction of the Collective Stand of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) at International Exhibition Seafood Expo Global 2019 held at Brussels, Belgium.

Stand Design Logic

The collective stand of companies of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization was held at the International Exhibition Seafood Expo Global 2019, in Brussels, Belgium from 07 to 09/05. Having heard the functional and artistic needs of each company and the association, we were led to the design of a modern, open and free-flowing pavilion inside. We kept the surfaces clean for visual communication, while the logos were highlighted with semicircular elements with hidden lighting.

The main need of the Association was the creation of an indoor kitchen, but also a special open space where a Chef would attend and offer meals to all attendees of the exhibition. Due to this logic, the space was designed so that each exhibitor could have direct access either to the kitchen or to the common storage room.

The space of each exhibitor was studied separately in terms of their functional needs, the seated area, the info desks – which blend with the design of the pavilion – and the possible need for a TV or video wall, as well as the points where the refrigerators were placed, in order to be in “key” positions in the hall area.

A special study for the lighting of the pavilion was made through the hanging structure, from metal trasses that were suspended from the hall of the exhibition center. Taking advantage of this pendant construction, we posted a double-sided lightbox with prints that emphasize the Greekness of the products. Construction that marks the dynamics of the Hellenic Aquaculture Association of Greece.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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