Organization of Participation, Design and Construction of Exhibition Stand of the company OMIROS DAIRIES S.A. , at the Anuga 2021 International Food and Beverage Exhibition.

Stand Design Logic

The design of the OMIROS DAIRIES was based on the guiding concept: The Product as the Protagonist.

To achieve this we preferred simple design lines, combined with natural colors and an emphasis on specific design details.

The white shades and the element of wood parallel a mountainous and traditional landscape emphasizing the historicity of the company and respect for tradition but in a more modern light.
From the central bar of the pavilion we chose to hang uneven metal lamps in a linear form. In this way , we also gave a more modern element, necessary for the result we wanted to achieve.

The tables and chairs, in the same colors, maintain cohesion, giving intimacy and a feeling of hospitality.

The designing logic of the suspended ceiling is in full harmony with  the rest of the pavilion, complementing it aesthetically as well as functionally, as the led lighting bodies diffuse the lighting evenly where necessary.

The company’s products were chosen to be displayed in two ways: Through a built-in refrigerator – showcase in which the visitor to the stand had the opportunity to see all the products together and also through framed visuals, thus distinguishing some specific codes based on the company’s instructions.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result