Organization of Participation, Design and Construction of Exhibition Stand of the company OMIROS DAIRIES S.A. , at the Anuga 2021 International Food and Beverage Exhibition.


Stand Design Logic

The design logic of the OMIROS DAIRIES stand was based on the idea: The Products as The Main Characters of the Story.

To achieve this we used clean design lines combined with natural colors and we placed an emphasis on specific details ; the white color and the element of wood were combined to create a reference to the rural landscape and the geographic history of a company that respects tradition but is keeping up with all the latest design and technology developemts of their sector.
From the central bar of the stand we chose to hang metal lamps unevenly in a linear form. The tables and chairs, in the same logic, maintain cohesion, giving a feeling of intimacy and  hospitality.

The suspended ceiling is in full design harmony with the rest of the stand, complementing it aesthetically as well as functionally since the lighting is spread evenly in every part of the stand space.

The company’s products were promoted to in three ways: Through a built-in refrigerator-showcase, in which the visitor of the stand had the opportunity to see all the products placed together, through tasting sessions from which the visitors of ANUGA 2021 had the opportunity to taste the actual product in person and finally, through framed walled visuals, in which OMIROS DAIRIES chose to further distingush specific product codes.

In the video you can actually see a 3D Tour of the stand at its final design form and in the pictures below you can see a side-by-side comparison between certain angles of the design of the stand and how it was constructed in real life.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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