Organization of Participation, Design and Construction of Exhibition Stand of MELISSA KIKIZAS SA at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition ANUGA 2019

Stand Design Logic

The Melissa Kikizas company exhibition stand was designed and built for the needs of the international food fair Anuga 2019 in Germany.

This particular corner booth was designed to be functional, comfortable and exudes warmth, giving the visitor an idea of ​​the quality of the company’s products. According to the customer’s needs, a kitchen open to the public, fully equipped, for the preparation of small meals, as well as a shelf with three vertical zones for the categorization and display of the products, were built in the space.
These constructions were placed on the walls of the pavilion, thus allowing the public to pass through the space, while a counter and meeting tables have been placed in the front corner.
In terms of the style of the stand, simple lines were used to allow the products to stand out. The aim was to convey through the design the identity and nature of the company and its products, for this warm shades of wood were chosen for the floor and constructions combined with white details on the furniture. A key element is the addition of white tiles to the masonry of the central bar, as it immediately gives the image of a complete and perfectly clean kitchen.
At the same time, the front of the bar also functions as a showcase by constructing a recess and placing products and materials inside wooden cages, which further enhance the prominence of the natural and pure raw material used by the company.
Finally, the necessary study was carried out for the placement of visual messages and logos in the form of illuminated signs that demarcate the display and production areas and at the same time attract the attention and attract the visitor, with the result that they play an important role in the overall image of the stand and by extension , to complete it.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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