Organization of Participation, Design and Construction of an Exhibition Pavilion of the company TSANOS Ltd. at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition ANUGA 2021

Stand Design Logic

The Greek company Tsanos, which has created a tradition in the koulouri industry for years, conveyed to us its request to highlight its products and their historicity for its promotion needs, at the Anuga 2021 exhibition, October 11-13.

All constructions; ideas and design were made after consultation with our customer and a personal study of Promo Solution in order to highlight the philosophy of Tsanos and create a positive impact from the public.

The main idea was to create a booth accessible and open.Two central asymmetrical racks, one on the right and one on the left, were designed through, so that the products on them are visible, from all sides of the space and give a more complete picture to the visitor. Asymmetrical shelves are also present on the back of the construction in order to place many packages emphasizing the variety of their ionic range. On top of each shelf, a lightbox with artwork has been created, which helps in the categorization of products. Behind the main wall – which acts as a signage and advertising point through a lightbox – is an enclosed space that houses the warehouse. It is there that samples and auxiliary materials are preserved.

The colors that are used follow a common line with the company’s colors and the reasoning from its site. It is simple, dark gray and wood, to emphasize the prestige and tradition, respectively, of the company. The green color of the plants enlivens the space even more, while at the same time it gives a boho style to the design of the pavilion.

The lighting of the pavilion has been designed to emphasize the central points of the pavilion and the construction of the roof is at a great height to open up the space even more. From the ceiling hang uneven metal lamps in linear form for a more modern note in the visual.

Finally, tables and chairs in the same colors invite exhibitors and visitors to interact with the space.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result