Organization of Participation, Design and Construction of an Exhibition Pavilion of the company KOLIOS S.A., at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition Anuga 2021

Stand Design Logic

The company KOLIOS S.A. has successfully managed to combine the Greek product with the development of food technology. Our goal and that of the company is to highlight its Greekness and its pioneering in the greek dairy sector. White and blue tell us its identity while the green element gives space to the category with vegan options and more environmentally friendly.  The back of the construction is embraced by images of products with bright shades, motivating any visitor to stop to gaze at them or even try its goods. Its form as an angular construction in combination with the tables in white and wood create the feeling of a traditional island scenery.

In the right part of the structure, an upright refrigerator – showcase has been built to place and highlight the samples. Above it, we placed an inscription with the company name, for visitors walking from the opposite direction.

In the free corner, we built a low divider with plexiglass to create a more prve angle. While at the back of the pavilion a special meeting area has been built for the most important meetings.

A large bar fully equipped, with a storage room from behind, are located in the back corner of the pavilion.

The lighting with white light complements the already existing white color on the surfaces, for greater clarity.

3D Tour of the Stand in video format

From 3D Imaging to the Final Result

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